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What you Appreciate, Appreciates

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Being thankful and giving gratitude was not something that came easily to me. I decided to change that thought pattern about 1.5 years ago when I began a daily gratitude practice. For me, it looks like sitting down in my comfy gold chair after my morning meditation, yoga, and coffee-making routine. Then I use an app on my phone called Insight Timer, where I am part of the Daily Gratitude community. It is there I enter my daily gratitudes. Somedays they are several paragraphs long, other days it is just a few words. I don't make any rules about how many or how much gratitude I must give. Whatever comes to mind is what I write down. I have recently switched to writing my gratitudes by hand in my journal, but I still love reading other people's gratitudes on the app. It fills me with even more gratitude to see what people from all over the world are thankful for.

Taking time to be thankful, to appreciate what you have, and grateful for the blessings big and small in your life will start to shift your mindset from one of "not enough" to one of "enough". Your glass will be half full instead of half empty. This mindset will spread into all facets of your life and improve the quality of your relationship with yourself and others.

So go ahead and give it a try. Spend 7-14 days writing or thinking about what you are grateful for. Once you try it for that long, it just may become a habit that will stick.

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