• Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Everyone Deserves Optimal Health Scholarship Program

Announcing my new scholarship program: I am thrilled and grateful to be offering health coaching services to limited income individuals who could benefit from it. Each month, I will pick one person to receive 4 weeks of free coaching, called the Kickstart Your Health program. While 4 weeks won't cure all health problems, it can get a person started on the path towards integrating healthy habits into their lives and examining the ones that don't serve them. The application is simple. If your household makes under $40K a year, simply send me an email about why you would like to receive the free Kickstart Your Health program and what your top health concerns are, and where you struggle. All I ask is for your commitment for 4 full weeks and an honest review at the end.

My email is

Please share this with friends/family that you think would benefit from it!

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